Hello Podcast Guest! Thank you for your interest to inspire others by sharing your story and experience.

For a smooth interview, please review the tips below and notify us with questions and concerns before we meet.

BEFORE the Interview

Days prior

  • Add your appointment & reminder date/time to your calendar.
  • Make sure your website(s) and social media(s) are working.
  • Be sure and fill out this Discovery Questionnaire [Click Here] or send us your One Sheet right away.

Prep your recording “studio”

  • Select your recording space, make sure you will be in a quiet place where you will be uninterrupted.
  • We record through Zoom and recommend a quality microphone and headset such as the Logitech ClearChat Comfort/USB H390 [Click Here] which can be purchased at Amazon for about $23. Another great option is the highly affordable MAONO USB lavalier microphone at just $15
  • If you do not have a decent microphone (your built-in mic on your computer is not a good option) or cannot connect via your computer and need to use your telephone, you can call in.
  • If you need the connection or call-in details, please let me know.

Hours prior

  • Text me at (406) 414-6442 if you’re running late.
  • Be in a quiet place for the interview, no background noise.
    • Turn off your mobile phone, if calling in via your computer. Even a “silent” phone can buzz on your desk
    • Silence your computer’s notifications
    • Put up a “Recording – Do Not Disturb” on your door
    • Tell others nearby that you’re recording to minimize their interruptions
  • If using a computer,
    • Use a hardwire internet instead of a Wi-Fi connection, if possible.
    • Use the recommended USB headset or better.
  • If calling in with your phone,
    • Call in a few minutes prior to test your connection
    • Keep your phone mic a consistent distance away while talking
    • Do not use your phone on ‘speakerphone’
  • Be ready to talk about your backstory and experience when we connect at the scheduled time.

DURING the Interview

Show Sequence – (the interview should take about 30 minutes)

Note: These are sample questions which we may use during the interview.

DO NOT write out answers for these, but merely read through them and formalize answers in your head. It is always better to answer unscripted during the interview. And, we are never sure where the show flow will take us.

WHO Question

The WHO question sets the stage for the rest of the interview by establishing who you are, who you help and what you help them accomplish.

Q: Tell us about [Your Business] and how you are helping your [Clients, Patients, or Customers.]

  • Describe at least one big problem you specialize in solving.
  • Describe the outcome the outcome that can be achieved by working with you.
  • Describe the difference achieving this outcome can make in their life.

WHY Question

The WHY question establishes the benefits of achieving the Desired Outcome.

Q: What are the advantages of [What You Help Your Customers Accomplish for Your Target Audience?]


MFUP Questions

The Misconceptions, Fears & Unknown Pitfalls questions will produce the core content of the chapter.

Q: What do you feel are the biggest myths out there when it comes to [What You Help Your Customers Accomplish?]

Q: What are some common misconceptions about the [Your Industry] Industry?

Q: What are some of the most common fears about [What You Help Your Customers Accomplish?]

  • Beyond their ability?
  • What if it doesn’t work?
  • What would others think?
  • Damaging side effects?
  • Personal risk?

Q: How can they get past these fears?

Q: What other perceived obstacles do you see that might be preventing [Your Target Audience] from seeking the help of a [Your Profession?]

  • Cost too much?
  • Takes too much time?

Q: What are some of the little-known pitfalls or common mistakes you see [Your Target Audience] make on the road to [What You Help Your Customers Accomplish?]

Q: How can these pitfalls/mistakes be avoided?



Q: Can you share an example of how you have helped your [Clients, Patients, or Customers] overcome these obstacles and succeed in [What You Help Your Customers Accomplish?]



The BACKSTORY questions allow you to provide as much or little information about what led you do what you do and help the people you help.

Q: What inspired you to become a [Your Profession?]

  • Include a short story about a specific time or event when you caught the bug to do what you do.
  • This might include a book, movie, person that inspired you.
  • Describe what drives you and your passion to do what you do and help the people you help.

Q: Can you share a lesson you learned early on, that still impacts how you do business today?

  • Mistake you made?
  • Overcoming your own obstacles & misconceptions?


Q: What’s the most important question [Your Target Audience] should ask themselves as they consider [What You Help Your Customers Accomplish?]

Q: What’s the most important thing [Your Target Audience] should consider when evaluating a [Your Profession?]



Q: How can someone find out more about [Your Name and Your Business] and how you can help?

I’ll refer the listeners to the show notes to find your website and social media contact info.

At the end of the interview I will thank you and end the recording, but please don’t hang up.


After the Interview

  • We will send you a link to the show’s recording within a couple of weeks (depending on editing and other episodes waiting to air).
  • You will receive all the details when the show is live, including links to the show, instructions on how to embed the player into your own site, how to share on your social media and more.
  • Please recommend other Guests who are as awesome as you are for me to interview.

Note Recording: By Participating in the Business Innovators Radio interview, you agree to allow Business Innovators Radio and McLean Media Group, LLC to record, distribute, and disseminate the podcast in any manner. You also agree to allow McLean Media Group, LLC to retain rights to the produced media for potential future use in speeches, books, and in all other public distribution.